MLS Forms

Profile Sheets (see below) are used for entering data into RAMC's MLS system. They contain all the necessary fields and information for the various types of listings you may enter.

CHANGE FORM - The Change Form is used to make a change in price, expiration date, or other aspects of a listing AFTER the expiration date has passed; for instance, if the seller wishes to renew the listing but it's already expired, you won't be able to make changes to any of the information. You'll need to fax us this form to do so, and we will re-activate the listing so you can work with it again. The form MUST be signed by the seller and dated ON OR BEFORE the ORIGINAL expiration date. Please do not send change forms unless you've verified that you're unable to change the listing yourself; price changes before the expiration date, for instance, are something you can easily do.

LISTING TRANSFER FORM - The Assignment of Exclusive Right of Sale Listing Contract is the document you'll need to transfer listings from one OFFICE to another. For instance, if an agent moves to work for a different company, they would need to list the MLS numbers of all the listings they wish to "bring with them" to their new office. Please note, Listings are owned by the Broker, and this transfer is carried out at their discretion. The Broker of BOTH companies must sign this form in order to authorize a transfer of listings.

REMARKS - The Broker and Public Remarks form is an extension of the profile sheets (listed below). The Public remarks are used for supplemental information viewable by Clients in flyers, synopses, and other Public listing materials. The public remarks must NOT contain any of the following: Branding (your company name, etc,) Contact information, or discussion of commission, bonuses, etc. That type of information, if applicable, should be entered into the Broker Remarks ONLY.


Rules and Regulations

The MLS Rules and Regulations must be adhered to by every member of RAMC's MLS. They are part of the required curriculum for all MLS members, and ensure that agents follow ethical and honest business practices when using this important system. 

You can download a copy of the rules and regulations by clicking here.